Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rotating the image by 360 degree

A sample application demonstrating the rotation of image image by 360 degree. The image snapshots are taken in all angles and are loaded as per the slider value.

View the application....


Suresh said...


I am amazed with your example, Great to see you wirting a wonderful blog, i am very much worried to say that i missed your beautiful blog, thanks to google for landing me in such a heavenly flex learning place.

Please let us know where we can download the sourcecode, i did a right click to viewsource but it shows server error.

I hope your example ll help many flexians who are learning :-) like me

Please let me know the source code my mail id is

Expecting your mail and help

Thanks in advacnce

@nj@n569 said...


i link your blog very much... its pretty cool,

I need source code of this application. It helps me a lot.
here is my mail Id

dskanth said...

Hi, i would like to know how can i integrate this application with my php website. Please suggest me.