Wednesday, June 25, 2008

AIR Mp3 Player with Cue Points

A cue point is any significant moment in time occurring within a video clip. Cue points enable you to access different segments of a video clip. In flex and flash you can create and manage cue points in a variety of ways.

For Audio, Unfortunately there is not much support for creating cue points. There is a nice article on creating cue for mp3 files in the adobe site.

I tried out this small player with cue point support in AIR. In this application you can add cue points for a selected song. You can remove a specific cue point for a selected song. You can remove all the cue points at once. The cue points are persisted across relaunches through AIR SQLite. Download it here...

Monday, June 23, 2008

AIR Desktop

Tried out this application last night. Took most of the widgets from Stardock Desktopx.

Not Licensed though. I am looking for AIR/flash/flex Desktop widgets which are open source and are ready to plug and use. You need to have Desktopx installed for this application to run.

Please give the links in the comments section.

Please give a try and give me your feedback. Download it.

Adobe AIR: Create - Modify - Reuse

Download it here

Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) with Ajax: Visual QuickPro Guide

Download It Here

The Essential Guide to Flex 3

Download it here

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flex AIR SQLite Example : Advanced Update functionality

Now the AIR SQlite example with auto update functionality. The address field is editable, once the user edits the entry and press enter....the database is updated with the corresponding changes. Download it here

Will work on the Offline editing functionality....and update it with more advanced features...