Wednesday, June 25, 2008

AIR Mp3 Player with Cue Points

A cue point is any significant moment in time occurring within a video clip. Cue points enable you to access different segments of a video clip. In flex and flash you can create and manage cue points in a variety of ways.

For Audio, Unfortunately there is not much support for creating cue points. There is a nice article on creating cue for mp3 files in the adobe site.

I tried out this small player with cue point support in AIR. In this application you can add cue points for a selected song. You can remove a specific cue point for a selected song. You can remove all the cue points at once. The cue points are persisted across relaunches through AIR SQLite. Download it here...


thebear said...

Hi. I tried to download this, but the link is dead. Do you know if the file is available elsewhere? If not, could you possibly email it to me, as I am much in need of this this little application. my email theshangrila [at] gmail dott com


<> said...

i read this one is good to understand about cue ponits.but i need to use it on a video player can i do this..plz help me on this..

Lonesailor said...

@thebear The link is updated now, please check. Its a bit huge, since it contains couple of audio files.

@arun It should be similar to audio file cuepoints. Please check the new air file with the source view enabled. Let me know if u still need help