Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flex AIR SQLite Example : Advanced Update functionality

Now the AIR SQlite example with auto update functionality. The address field is editable, once the user edits the entry and press enter....the database is updated with the corresponding changes. Download it here

Will work on the Offline editing functionality....and update it with more advanced features...


Diego said...

Great examples, simple and functional.

lonesailor said...

@Thanks Diego..

senling said...

Hi, Download link is broken.

Brij Kishor Rajput said...

HI Sir,

I am Brij Kishor. I am very new in Flex Mobile App development currently I am working on Blackberry Playbook application.

I am trying to find the solution to connect local SQLite database.

I have SQLite database which contain our App data. I do not able to find the solution to connect this database into Flex mobile project.

Please send me one sample code or project for help. I have lots of pressure to complete Flex Mobile project with in given time line. I am using Flash Builder 4.5 for Flex mobile project development.

Brij Kishor