Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bubble Chart : NY Times

off late, I am working on creating a flex map which look like the NY Times chart. The NY times has a really nice interactive bubble chart known as the Sector Graphic Chart. To start with, I have taken an example from Ely Greenfield and started working on it. I still didn't get how to manually display the bubble tooltip. I have to create a custom tooltip and show it when the mouse moves over the data grid.

I will be adding more functionalities to this. Please see the sample demo here...

You can find the original NY Times here...


Matthew said...

looks great! can you provide source? thank

lonesailor said...


Could you drop your email id..Will mail you the source code..

Pat said...


I would really appreciate if you could share the source code. I'm also working on a component similar to the one you demoed and I'm stuck at a certain area of coding. It would be great if you could send the code across. :)


Pat said...

Ohh and my email id is patnickson@gmail.com...

PS - Please don't post this comment on your blog.

Cheers Again,

lijunix said...

dear lonesailor,

I really appreciate if you could share the source code.
my email: lijunix@yahoo.com



Bishwa Hang Rai said...

and to me too please.

Eric said...

I'd appreciate a look at your source as well! My email is anthonyyouth@gmail.com.

Thanks great post!

Jeh said...

and to me too please.



Vicky said...

Thanks, this is a awesome stuff - can you please send me the source code as well (albeit me asking 3 years after you first wrote it!!)?

my email id is vicky1991p at g mail dot com (really want to know how you're able to move around the background of the chart or resize with gridlines)

thanks again!