Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Using ActionScript to load Styles at run time

A sample application demonstrating the usage of loading styles at run time using action script.

StyleManager.loadStyleDeclarations( "darkroom.swf" );
StyleManager.unloadStyleDeclarations( "darkroom.swf" );

View the application here....


Suresh said...


I am amazed with your example, Great to see you wirting a wonderful blog, i am very much worried to say that i missed your beautiful blog, thanks to google for landing me in such a heavenly flex learning place.

Please let us know where we can download the sourcecode, i did a right click to viewsource but it shows server error.

I hope your example ll help many flexians who are learning :-) like me

Please let me know the source code my mail id is

Expecting your mail and help

Thanks in advacnce

Rey said...

Hello sir,

can i have a source code please.
Your application is really nice.

My email is

Thank you and hope for your favorable response.

Sincerely Yours,