Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Simple Decision Support System

A simple decision support system in flex using mvc framework.

This involves a simple book store filtered by price and rating. A simple search facility is also provided.

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The other decision support system includes

1) Byron Bay Accommodation : This is a simple decision support system aimed at helping people get around the complexities of choosing amongst a wide variety of accommodation options This type of basic architecture can be used to locate relevant sets from any information source Notice that the user can approach their decision making task from any angle making it unnecessary to be channeled into a fixed approach.

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2) Flex Store This is a demo app created by Adobe Choosing a cell phone is a daunting task for anyone who has a definite preference around required features Imagine looking through screeds of pamphlets to short list the phone with the feature set required. Of course the phones can be substituted with information of any sort. Documents, Images -- anything.

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3) Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Configurator This is a decision support system set up as a configurator. Try it out to chose the elements which make up a motorcycle.etc. This sort of decision support tool can be used to try out clothing, fit out a building, create complex documents

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4) Volkswagen product selector This is a multidmensional product selector which can select forwards from a set of selectors on the left hand panel, but also select backwards You can select a car in the used car range then find out about all the dealers who stock that car.

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5) Sony Ericsson Product selector This allows the user to select amongst a range of product
sets using customised decision selectors for each product set. This decision support component can also help compare the chosen items

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6) Vizzl This is a decision support system still under development. There may be some bugs in it ! The idea is that it is a categorized search facility which can be pointed at any major data source and then use successive approximation to locate the sought after data items

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