Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kth Largest element in a sorted 2D matrix

Question: Given an NxN matrix of numbers such that all rows are sorted and all columns are sorted, find the K-th largest number in the matrix.

Solution: The simplest approach is to sort the entire matrix by converting into a single array. That will take a time complexity of O(N^2 log N) . Better approach would be to merge N sorted arrays. That would take a time complexity of O(N^2). Even that seems to be costly. Can we do better than that?

We can construct an external structure like Priority Queue and do a DFS on that. It is a O(k log k) solutiion. But remember K can be as large N * N.


import java.util.Comparator;
import java.util.PriorityQueue;

// given a 2D NxN matrix where both rows and columns are sorted, find the kth largest element.

//Solution - Use a Priority Queue to do a DFS. O(k log K).

class Node {
public int num;
public int i;
public int j;

public Node(int a, int b, int c){
this.num = a;
this.i = b;
this.j = c;

public class PQProblem{

public static int N = 4;

public static int get_kth(int[][] Arr, PriorityQueue<Node> pq, int count, int k, boolean[][] bit){

Node top = pq.peek();


if (count == k) return top.num;

if (top.i+1 < N && !bit[top.i+1][top.j])
pq.offer(new Node(Arr[top.i+1][top.j], top.i+1,top.j));
bit[top.i+1][top.j] = true;

if (top.j+1 < N && !bit[top.i][top.j+1])
pq.offer(new Node(Arr[top.i][top.j+1], top.i, top.j+1));
bit[top.i][top.j+1] = true;

return get_kth(Arr,pq,count,k,bit);

public static void main(String[] args){

int [][] Arr = {{1,5,10,12},
boolean[][] bit = new boolean[N][N];
bit[0][0] = true;

// get k-th element from the 2D Matrix.
int k = 9;

PriorityQueue<Node> pq = new PriorityQueue<Node>(k+1,
new Comparator<Node>(){
public int compare(Node a, Node b)
{ return a.num - b.num;

pq.offer(new Node(Arr[0][0],0,0));

int res = get_kth(Arr,pq,0,k,bit);

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